The order is in excess of £1.2m and is for a UK-based automotive parts manufacturer, which will take delivery of large robot-based deburring machines early next year.

The unique Magnetfinish process polishes the flutes on all types of HSS and carbide rotary tools, such as end-mills, form cutters and drills, provides the perfect conditioning or ‘edge honing’ of the cutting edges (micron rounding of the edge) and is also used to polish profiles on taps and coated cutters.

Other applications lie in the fields of the fuel-injection and pump industries, whereby burr-free parts are considered to be a critical necessity. The Magnetfinish polishing process of the flutes on cutting tools results in a superior chip flow, leading to the increased productivity of the tool. The surface finishes on the tool flutes that are generated by the Magnetfinish process are of the order of just 0.02 micron Ra.