Technology spotlights

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Goss Springs for all applications


Whether the requirement is for a simple helical spring or a complex multi-stage pressing with precious metal contacts, Goss Springs offer a wealth of experience and supply customers throughout the United Kingdom, Europe ...

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Boeing 777 sealing success for Delcam


Delcam customer Tower Tools, a specialist in moulds for rubber products, has recently completed its largest project using PowerSHAPE design software and PowerMILL CAM system.

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Portable innovation from Measurement Solutions


The metrology market is changing and Peterborough-based Measurement Solutions is proving that relatively small, agile organisations are well placed to react quickly to new market trends.

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Bielomatik's alternative cutting solution


By adopting a Bielomatik minimal quantity lubrication (MQL) system for CNC machining, consumption of cutting oil can fall dramatically to less than 150 ml/hour. With the total costs of conventional cooling lubricant ...

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High speed tooling for FANUC Robodrill


NSK Nakanishi, manufacturers of ultra-precision high speed motors and spindles, in conjunction with Alberti of Italy, a leading manufacturer of tooling, have introduced a high speed ATC tooling solution for the very ...

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Automated turning for under £80,000


The Hardinge GS51A is a competitively priced, fully integrated 2 or 3-axis collet-ready spindle lathe with the option of automatic load/unload gantry and 10 platen, patented modular magazine.

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SimTrans goes beyond simple integration with MRP


Since their invention, MRP systems have evolved into a crucial tool for manufacturing, increasing in importance with the advent of just-in-time production. SimTrans goes beyond simple integration with MRP to serve as a ...