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The future of metrology is here and now


Metrology has evolved in recent years with the advent of lasers, 3D scanners, and optical technology, all serving to change the way we measure things. Inspection is moving away from the metrology laboratory, such that ...

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Your VIP invitation from Trumpf


Metalworking technology that is supremely reliable, flexible and scalable - all the ingredients for competitive and profitable manufacturing. Be inspired at the TRUMPF Open House from 13th - 15th June where we will also ...

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The Future of Automated Manufacturing


Using a combination of software integration and unique software platforms you can increase efficiency throughout the manufacturing workflow. Productivity in manufacturing has always been an area of concern and by ...

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Next generation CAM from Autodesk


When it comes to integrated CAM, Man and Machine, alongside Autodesk, is committed to delivering solutions to the broadest range of users, from designers and engineers to veteran CNC programmers, regardless of their CAD ...

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Are you ready for the Future of British Manufacturing?


Man and Machine has teamed up with Autodesk to put together a readiness assessment where you can measure your current level of design and manufacturing agility, with instant feedback on how you can improve and prepare ...

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Total Cad/Cam solutions from NT Cadcam


NT CADCAM has been delivering CAD/CAM solutions to the UK engineering community for 20 years. Now it is taking all that experience and rolling it into a total solution by supplying proven hardware from Lenovo alongside ...

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A robot in a class of its own


A Universal Robot from R. A. Rodriguez gives you all the advanced robotic automation with none of the traditional costs associated with robot programming, set-up and dedicated, guarded work cells. It will work in ...