Technology spotlights

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“World’s fastest CAM” at MACH 2010


UK machining companies will be able to see the 64-bit version of Delcam's award-winning PowerMILL CAM software on stand 4010 at MACH 2010. 64-bit technology removes the memory limitations of 32-bit computers. This ...

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Catia Machining – best of both worlds


Over many years Dassault Systemes has developed the 3 and 5-axis manufacturing, within their Catia design solution, to produce a powerful and feature rich manufacturing application. Capturing knowledge of processes and ...

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SprutCAM speeds Anotronic's machine programming


SprutCAM, from Sprut Technology (UK), has helped Anotronic expand its conventional EDM/ECM sub contracting business. Martin White, production director at Anotronic, said: "We had a particularly tricky part to ...

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VERICUT - the independent way


If your company operates CNC machine tools, significant benefits can be realised by using VERICUT, an advanced solids-based software that can interactively simulate the material removal process of any CNC machine. This ...

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High performance 2.5D CAM to buy online


SharpCam is a simple to use, cost effective and highly functional CAM system, that is available to try, buy and download online at the SharpCam website for £375. The developers believe that this is the first time this ...

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MacCool MP metalworking fluid


Are you looking for a new coolant? MacCool MP could be all you need. A modern long life coolant; suitable for all materials; low foaming, perfect for high pressure coolant systems; works with soft or hard water; semi ...

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Seriously no foam


TRIM VHP E820 from Master Chemical Europe is the definitive minimal-foam cutting and grinding fluid concentrate. Even at pressures greater than 150 bar and when diluted with soft water, it doesn't foam. This is ...

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Cut your coolant costs – magnetic filtration


Eclipse Magnetics' magnetic filters can dramatically reduce the amount of money you spend (on coolants, filter consumables and waste disposal) by removing sub-micron sized (ferrous, para-magnetic and grinding medium) ...

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Schaublin Machines launches new machine range for 2010


Schaublin Machines SA used EMO 2009 as the platform to launch its new 137-11AX turning centre. The new machine has been developed equally for production machining and small batch runs, as it combines flexibility with ...

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Stellram launches 1B turning geometry


The Stellram 1B insert has a versatile turning geometry, for the finish turning of components manufactured from steel to the most difficult-to-machine materials, such as high-temperature alloys.

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Large capacity CNC turning


The Hyundai-Kia SKT-700L turning centre is a for large capacity turn-mill for parts up to 900 mm by 3,000 mm.

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Profile cutting productivity boost


Lantek Flex3D has been improved with the aim of increasing the productivity of profile cutting machines (sawing, drilling and cutting), as well as creating 3D designs in an intuitive and simple way, giving a true ...

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Plate cutting/drilling/marking machine is advanced


The Gemini is claimed the world's most technologically advanced, multi-function and flexible system for profile cutting, drilling, machining and scribing, with integral bevelling and an advanced material cutting ...