VERICUT enables a NC programmer to verify the accuracy of NC code to ensure that inefficient motion or programming errors that could potentially ruin the part, damage the fixture, or break the cutting tool are corrected before the program is run. Post processed NC code from CAM systems, such as Dassault Catia, Siemens NX, PTC, Delcam PowerMill, Open Mind HyperMill, Planit Edgecam, Cimatron GibbsCAM, Missler TopSolidCAM and MasterCAM, or even created manually, is simulated directly in VERICUT. VERICUT gives a CAM independent assessment of cutting data and seamlessly provides users of multiple systems with a consistent evaluation process. It also helps manufacturers increase productivity, improve product quality, reduce NC programming time, improve efficiency, reduce scrap and rework, increase safety, and provide a training tool for new programmers and machine tool operators. Three things are required for NC program verification; a stock model, a cutting tool description, and the tool path. Stock can be defined in VERICUT or imported from a CAD system, and cutting tool descriptions can be contained in the NC program file or retrieved from a library of cutting tools. From the actual tool path VERICUT simulates the cutting of a solid part. When an error is detected the software provides a complete event history and by clicking on it in the simulated NC program, the command that caused the error is displayed for quick correction. Comprehensive tools for viewing and analyzing the cut model are provided. The part can be quickly zoomed, sectioned, reversed, and rotated. The part can be displayed in translucent mode, revealing areas not visible when solid, such as the intersection of drilled holes. VERICUT takes accurate 3D measurements of all model features, including machined surfaces such as fillet radii, corner radii, hole diameters, distances/angles, gaps, wall and floor thicknesses, part volumes, and depths. The cut model can be compared to the original design model to perform constant gouge checking and identify excess material left on the part. VERICUT shows material removal at the workpiece level and simulates the entire machine tool exactly as it appears and behaves on the shopfloor. The program also simulates NC machine controls and supports advanced control functions. The result is fully realistic machine tool animation, with VERICUT automatically checking for machine tool collisions and over axis travel, greatly reducing the possibility of a catastrophic crash, the associated repair costs and loss of production. With a wealth of experience and a huge worldwide user base, simulated VERICUT Machine Configurations (VMCs) are available for CGTech's machine tool partners such as DMG, Mazak, Mori-Seiki, Matsuura, Makino, Chiron, Hermle, Doosan and many more. And, bespoke machine models can be quickly created.