The high performance synthetic, TRIM C270, continues to be the preferred choice of the industry's big names. A world leader in the manufacture of aero engines provides a good example, reporting significant productivity downtime on its Magerle central system due to heavy foaming and problems with filtering its existing cutting and grinding fluid. As a result of switching to TRIM C270, the company's use of flocculent decreased substantially. After 10 months of evaluation it confirmed a big competitive advantage in grinding performance thanks to TRIM C270 and costs savings on its filterability. A similar problem was experienced by a plant manufacturing aero turbine blades. In addition to foaming and filterability problems with its existing fluid this company was also experiencing component burning during the Viper grinding operation. The introduction of TRIM C270 had an immediate and positive impact. Coolant foaming was reduced without the need for antifoams, grinding wheel life increased and burning of components was virtually eliminated. A significant reduction in component burning was also one of the main benefits of a helicopter manufacturer changing to TRIM C270. So too was increased sump life from 6 weeks to 12 months with little or no foaming. Four types of grinding machine were tested with TRIM C270 - Jones & Shipman, Tripet, Voumard and Studer, all carrying out internal and cylindrical grinding of steel and titanium. The company was so pleased with the results it has since recommended TRIM C270 to all its grinding subcontractors.