It is available in a choice of hard-wearing grades consisting of SP0819, which is designed for high cutting speeds on difficult-to-machine materials, and Nitro-Lok coated NL37, designed for high cutting speeds in steels and steel alloys. The 1B geometry features a precisely controlled cutting edge and nose profile, designed so that material can be removed cleanly and efficiently, leaving a high surface finish at varying depths of cut and feed rates. According to ATI Stellram, the 1B geometry has been designed, in combination with proven grades and coatings, to provide high resistance to heat and edge breakdown, resulting in little to no loss in tool life, while still increasing productivity. ATI Stellram has also produced a dedicated product brochure, which includes the complementary, medium to roughing, 4E geometry for difficult-to-machine materials. The brochure provides a range of useful information including cutting data and chip control charts.