Foam can compromise production and even stop it. Competitive products require a conventional defoamer to overcome this major drawback but this is an added expense, another procedure and its use can also result in filter blockages. TRIM VHP E820 is a cleaner, safer and more economical alternative. This highly stable, high performance product has been formulated by Master Chemical Europe in the UK, specifically to meet the requirements of EU manufacturers and contains no chlorine, sulphur, boron or formaldehyde donors. TRIM VHP E820 is therefore particularly suited to the production of aerospace parts, a benefit that is confirmed by Pratt and Whitney approval. TRIM VHP E820 is ideal for operations that use high pressure, high volume coolant. It maximises the benefits of through-the-tool coolant delivery systems on vertical and horizontal machining centres, and will help achieve the best productivity from creep feed and VIPER grinders. This clean emulsion reduces carry-off for low total operating cost and permits fast wetting for excellent lubrication and superior corrosion protection of the workpiece. Compatible with all metals and many non-metallic materials too, this new coolant can run at lower concentrations for higher speed operations, where heat removal is a key issue. Higher concentrations are recommended on soft materials and for lower speed operations where friction and reduction and control of built-up edge are critical.