The new 137–11AX machine is part of a modular range that includes several models with between 3 and 12 axes to suit the exacting needs of the end user. The range 136, 137 and 138 B enables Schaublin Machines to present a machining solution clearly dedicated to production environments, as well as, small batch or prototype machining. The 137–11AX is the ideal partner for any company targeting high precision, repeatability and reliability. Schaublin Machines delivers all of this in a compact and rigid turning centre with a bar capacity of 36 mm diameter. The 137-11AX machine is a mill/turn center that can work with bars or billets. With twin spindles and two motorized turrets each with 12 live tools, it is possible to work on both sides of the part simultaneously. The main and counter-spindle are identical and this simplifies the transition between front and back-end working. Renowned for its reputation for precision, the latest addition guarantees machining accuracy with a cooling system using glycol water that passes through 12 areas of the machine as well as the main base. This ensures every part of the machine works at the same temperature to avoid any non-mastered dilatation effect that can affect precision. The two turrets have been designed to be as small and compact as possible to improve the mounting of live tooling that can operate at up to 12,000 rpm on every position. Working in a compact envelope with a high number of tooling demands exceptional chip removal. It is here that the 137-11AX enables cutting fluid to be directed precisely to the cutting edge at a pressure level up to 80 bar. This efficiently evacuates swarf from the work envelope and also prolongs tool life. With the new machine, Schaublin Machines have identified tool pre-setting as an area where it can minimize downtime and improve productivity. With this in mind, they have developed a tool setting system in conjunction with its partner Sauter Feinmechanik. The company has developed this system rather than use a universal system because accuracy is improved as it guarantees the exact position of the pre-set tools. This allows the customer to quickly change tools whilst obtaining remarkable accuracy levels that are expected from the outstanding Schaublin Machines range. Paying attention to detail, the new 137-11AX turning centre incorporates a 3D anti-collision system that enables the 11 axes and twin turrets to work in close proximity. With axis feed rates of up to 40 m/min and no possibility of collision, this gives the operator confidence when working at high feed and speed rates. The new 137-11AX is a modular turning centre that can be rapidly adapted to specific applications whether it is high production runs or small batches with frequent changeovers. This modularity has been an area of particular development and design focus for Schaublin Machines as it has aimed to produce a machine that can be rapidly added to with complementary devices and peripherals. Flexibility can be found throughout the machine, this includes an identical main and counter-spindle that creates balanced machining and a counter-spindle has a true X-axis. It is a combination of these attributes that will be noted, ensuring the 137-11AX receiving numerous plaudits. Image: schematic of possible turning centre configurations