This compact footprint automatic CNC machine requires up to 30% less floorspace than other systems and can produce flat metal parts from plate, 1 mm up to 80 mm thick, with cutting lengths from 5 – 30 m, in one set-up. It can do this far more economically, at a lower cost per part, yet with the same or greater accuracy than using the much more expensive, separate cutting and labour-intensive machining centres. The Gemini can be fitted with a wide variety of part-marking devices to suit the customer's needs which can significantly reduce fabrication time and manpower requirements. For light fabrication to enable bending lines to be marked a scribing tool, plasma or flame powder marking system can be used. Both the HT2000 and HPR260 Hypertherm plasma torches are available, and an accuracy of 0.1 mm ensures faster fit-up and reduced welding time. The high speed drilling spindle combined with wide area clamping provides both very high productivity and unprecedented accuracy of hole-to-hole (better than 0. 1 mm ) and hole-to-edge positioning ( better than 0.5 mm ). Edge bevelling for weld edge preps can be made either by milling or plasma torch but for precision bevelling, milling is the most accurate. When variable bevels, large parts and K preps are needed, plasma bevelling is the faster and more economical process. When slotted holes or milled bearing/mating faces are required, the work was traditionally performed on large machining centres or boring machining after fabrication. With the Gemini, many of these operations can now be performed on the flat piece to the same high accuracy thereby eliminating the costs, handling time and additional floorspace that would normally be necessary for these previously separate machining operations. The Gemini is equipped as standard with the WinNEST software package to maximise material utilisation by nesting. The Fanuc hardware is provided with a man / machine interface using the already proven FICEP Minosse software.