Latest new machines include the Falcon entry level cutting machine, capable of producing cut components on demand. Falcon can be fitted with oxy/fuel cutting torches or supplied as an oxy-fuel package prepared for plasma cutting. It offers fast, flexible, efficient, high quality, automated cutting solutions for plate sizes up to a maximum of 2 m by 6 m and is an ideal choice for workshops, where space is at a premium. As a high-performance, heavy-duty portal machine, the Suprarex provides a solid foundation for economic cutting and marking with plasma and oxy fuel. Equipped with a Vision control system and Columbus programming software, Suprarex is an ideal solution for a fully integrated and automated production process. With good sales levels of new profile cutting machines, the company now also has new stock of part exchanged, fully refurbished, oxy-fuel or plasma profile cutting machines. In the current economic climate, refurbished machines are attractive as a cost effective alternative to new investment. They offer performance levels on a par with those of a new machine with critical components renewed to improve machine performance, safety and accuracy. Refurbished stock available includes HD plasma and marking machines, gas cutting machines, as well as, combined oxy-fuel/plasma machines, including examples from the Suprarex, Ultrarex and entry level Falcon series.