These latest semi-synthetic coolants were developed in the UK for the European market. Their unique formulation ensures low levels of foam by comparison with other fluids of their type, especially in soft water areas. They are also extremely hard water tolerant. These are versatile products that work well in a wide range of operations such as grinding, milling, turning, drilling and tapping. TRIM SC617 additionally contains a traditional extreme pressure (EP) additive that boosts cutting performance for difficult-to-machine materials. For example, it is highly effective in turning stainless steel and other hard steels. The low foam profile of this product enables its effective use in through tool machining applications. Low consumption is another main benefit of TRIM SC415 and SC617. Typically instead of topping up with a one to two per cent dilution to achieve a five per cent concentration, 0.5 per cent of the new semi synthetics is required. Indeed when trialled in a 50,000 litre central system consumption of TRIM SC415, by comparison with the previous semi-synthetic, dropped by an impressive 50 per cent. A similar example was confirmed by a company grinding rotors at high pressure and with soft water. This combination of factors meant there was a constant need for additions of anti-foam but TRIM SC415 clearly demonstrated that it did not require this costly additive. Both of the new semi-synthetics are extremely good for cast iron and steel machining and grinding and eliminate the problem of graphite residue build up. They also coat the work piece and chips for superior corrosion protection.