The VDF 800 DUS Big Bore is available with turning length sizes of 1, 2, 3 and 4 metres, as standard, and up to 20 metres optional. Ideal for drill string parts, drive shafts and pipes, the machine has a main drive rated at 37 kW continuous, 55 kW maximum, with 7,200 Nm maximum torque. A 900 rpm top speed gives the machine job-shop flexibility to handle a wide range of smaller diameter parts, by maintaining the tool surface speeds needed to produce required finishes. The VDF 800 DUS is available with a Siemens or Heidenhain CNC, which is supplemented with an operator panel and ergonomically designed handwheels for setup or teach-type programming. For highest job-shop flexibility in running small lots of different parts, the CNC can be taught a cutting routine using the handwheels, with the CNC replicating that routine on subsequent parts. Large chip chutes in the bed ensure smooth flow of swarf to the chip pan at the rear, preventing heating of the bed, while sliding doors on the rear of the machine allow easy access for chip disposal. The machine's power supply, electric cables, power tracks and coolant pump are all located outside the workzone to simplify maintenance and protect them from coolant and chips.