The T212 mandrel has no projecting draw bolt, so there is no wasted clamping length, and no more fragile spring steel slotted mandrel due to the vulcanised, hardened clamping bush. This standard system covers a clamping range of 8 to 100 mm in diameter. Endstops can be fitted in front, or behind, the mandrel and the pull back clamping operation provides a very positive location and accurate, rigid grip. It is also quick to change and can be used for open or blind bores. The T212 mandrel can be fitted to any type of turning or static machine, either as a standalone mandrel or a quick fit accessory on the front of the Hainbuch collet system. Versions are available for special applications which can be designed to order. These have included internal clamping solutions to 400 mm diameter and profiled bore gripping.