SharpCam is a 2.5D 3-axis CAM system aimed at people who don't need an expensive, high end system. Its strength is that it does the fundamentals "extremely well and extremely quickly", even on quite complicated jobs. It is easy to learn and costs around a tenth of the price of a full 5-axis system. Users can draw or import parts, define tool paths and generate CNC code in a straightforward step by step process. CNC code is written as you go, fully post processed and ready to use. The software is fully associative, so every action taken will automatically and immediately create a new tool path, or update the existing one, with the NC code always in view. SharpCam provides a library of post processors for different controls, including Fanuc, Heidenhain, Haas and Fadal, that users configure for their specific machine using a simple dialogue system. Users can start making parts without needing to understand how to edit a post processor, or pay the supplier for additional software. To help new users get programming straight away, SharpCam's developers offer free remote support and a wealth of online training materials, including videos showing exactly what steps to follow to produce a program. The software is an ideal entry point for people who don't already have a CAM system. It also offers companies that already have 2.5D CAM the chance to save time, and money, using a faster and more efficient alternative. SharpCam's pocketing is among the fastest on the market, with code produced in a fraction of the time of other systems, and with shorter tool paths, saving machining time and costs. SharpCam is also an attractive proposition for larger organisations. Many companies have high end systems that are used by a small number of specialists, but want something less complicated so anyone on the shop floor can use for day to day tasks. This might typically include producing jigs and fixtures, maintenance work and one-off tasks. SharpCam's managing director Julian Paphitis says: "Many people don't need complicated CAM software; they want a system that will do 3-axis 2D and 2.5D milling very well and very quickly. With SharpCam they can go to our site, download a demo and try it for themselves, and if they like it they can simply buy it online, with all the cost advantages that brings." SharpCam is available online, (at the link below), for just £375.00, with free updates for 12 months, no maintenance fee and, within reason. indefinite free remote support.