One of the claimed unique attributes of ECOCUT HFN 13 LE-UNI is that it can be utilised for all machining processes within gear and bearing production. Based on low aromatic hydro-cracked oils, with specialist low misting additives, ECOCUT HFN 13 LE-UNI has provided industry leading results for cutting and grinding performance, allowing gear manufacturers to rationalise to one cutting fluid. The technology employed with ECOCUT HFN 13 LE-UNI allows users to use lower viscosity, low misting oils instead of conventional high viscosity milling and shaving oils. This has many advantages for users, including better cooling, consistent EP and anti-wear performance, including lower drag- out losses on material and chips. This will result in tangible cost savings, including: improved tool life; lower fluid consumption; reduced chip disposal costs; and less contamination for cleaning processes. The new high performance ECOCUT HFN 13 LE - UNI is recommended by many leading machine tool manufacturers including Gleason Pfauter, Hofler, Junker, Klingelnberg, Liebherr, Niles and KAPP. To achieve KAPP approval, ECOCUT HFN 13 LE-UNI was subjected to a severe test regime in which it illustrated first-class results. ECOCUT HFN 13 LE-UNI is already relied upon by leading gear wheel and transmission companies like Flender, Pricogear, Zahnradfabrik Pritzwalk and David Brown UK.