With these enhancements, Denitool complement their boring bars with inserts in different geometries, grades and coatings to match all machineable materials, in radii from 00, 005, 01, 02. The two lines, MicroCopy G and MicroCopy 35 degree, both have 5 cutting angles with a steel or carbide shank. This allows the tool to reach almost every common angle used in turning applications, from axial to reverse copying. The complete copying range is covered with the inserts: GCGT 01T0…, VCGT 0501…, VCGT 0702…, VCGT 1303… These inserts and grades will handle materials as diverse as Aluminium, Titanium & Superalloys by using the Denitool grinding system, which improves accuracy by 250% on all insert forms during production. Denitool of Switzerland are not only associated with precision tooling for the Motorsport industry, but with the help of Stocdon, the Tooling Specialists (their exclusive UK agent), have launched the MicroCopy tooling to the medical and aerospace instrument industries, as well as for the probe/fine measuring sector. In the Aerospace industry, Denitool MicroCopy are used in fine machining stainless steels, titanium, etc., with sliding head machines, as well as, 3-axis CNC lathes for fine copy work, in addition to Minicopying and Lathe tools, both with 35 degree approach.