Designed specifically for use on centerless and cylindrical grinders, the new Ebbco unit is able to remove particulates below 10 micron from coolant, via an economical, media free set-up, but when fitted with a 623 filter cartridges, filtration levels below 1 micron are possible. SludgeMaster significantly extends coolant life by preventing harmful contaminants from accumulating anywhere within the system. The system is designed to process 2-3 times the amount of clarified fluid that is required for a specific machining process. This flow rate allows the system to prevent the build-up of solids, and ensures a continuous supply of clean coolant. Via a claimed unique centrifugal action of a Lakos separator, solids are transferred automatically into a 55 gallon drum or an optional hopper ensuring easy disposal or the resale of separated solids as scrap. As SludgeMaster has a minimal amount of moving parts and requires no media replacements, making the unit virtually maintenance-free.