Machining accuracy is enhanced by the unit's 'squeeze' clamping configuration, which applies an equal and opposite internal force to the fixed jaw as the moving jaw closes, providing virtually deflection-free component clamping with a maximum retaining force of 10,000 lbf. The vice also imparts a pull-down action to the workpiece for increased security and precision. One-Lok features a 'QwikSlide' mechanism that allows the moveable jaw to be easily unlocked and slid forwards or backwards to achieve rapid set-ups. A further feature of the unit's compact, modular design is its hardened, precision-ground cast iron base, which not only provides a solid working surface, but also eliminates swarf traps, reducing the need for fixture cleaning between machining cycles. Available as a stand-alone workholding system, complete with a set of hard jaws, toe clamps, operating handle and jaw-change T-wrench, the One-Lok is complemented by an extensive range of machining accessories, including: stepped hard jaws, outboard mounted hard jaws, soft jaws, an adjustable workstop, foundation stops and locating keys. In addition, purpose-designed spacers enable existing knee mill vice jaws to be quickly installed to the One-Lok base unit without modification.