The latest software includes major enhancements to the Simultaneous 5 axis module. Improvements were made to the SWARF, 5X Drill and Convert HSM to Sim 5X operations. Three new powerful operations have been added: Multi-blade machining, Port machining and Contour 5-axis machining. The Advanced Mill-Turn module in SolidCAM 2013, handles any type of multi-turret and multi-spindle CNC machine, and sets the standard for easy programming for these complicated machines. The Machine control operation, balanced roughing, multi-turret synchronization and full machine tool simulation have all been extensively improved. SolidCAM's patented iMachining 2D module, with its Technology Wizard, saves 70% and more in machining time, extends tool life dramatically and automatically provides optimal feeds and speeds. With iMachining 3D, you can automatically produce a complete, ready to run CNC program, with optimal cutting conditions, for 3D Parts. iMachining 3D achieves the shortest optimal cycle time for roughing and semi-finish of molds and complex 3D parts. With iMachining 3D, you can also mill prismatic parts, without the need for defining geometry chains. SolidCAM continues to push the CAM boundaries with the launch of its Solid Probe module. The new Solid Probe allows users to define the home position and to perform part measurement cycles during machining, and is completely integrated with other SolidCAM operations. SolidCAM is the leading integrated CAM for SolidWorks. In SolidCAM 2013 an option has been added to save all CAM-data inside the SolidWorks file and Solid Verification can now also be shown, together with 3D tool, in the SolidWorks window, enhancing the integrated experience for SolidWorks users.