Balluff will demonstrate Tool ID with the use of an RFID equipped tool pre-setter, providing the foundation for an automated tool room and re-order system. Automatic Tool ID systems remove error prone manual steps from the tool selection and loading process, with the added benefit of a complete record of tool offset and life information actually on the tool itself. Incorrect, manually entered data that can cause expensive tool crashes, broken tools, setup errors and poor quality parts are eliminated. Balluff's IO-Link system enabling quick and easy expansion. or simplification, of PROFIBUS networks. Users and OEM equipment builders can now achieve a higher level of flexibility and easier system modification for their networks, at significantly lower cost. Quick and easy to install with further customer benefits including advanced diagnostics and low cost standard 3-core cabling, even for analogue applications. Combining vision capability and photoelectric sensor simplicity Balluff's BVS vision based sensor provides reliable error proofing and quality inspection anywhere. Used like a sensor it's far easier to use and more cost effective than complex vision systems. Latest versions include the BVS Vision advanced, with 360º part rotation recognition allowing infinite part position recognition. The aim of tha Balluff Application Zone is to solve visitors' sensing, positioning and identification problems, allowing visitors to discuss in detail the solution they are looking for, if practical, visitors are encouraged to bring samples of the parts they wish to detect. Balluff will be able to demonstrate solutions there and then, in an area especially set up for a hands-on session, or arrange a factory site visit for further investigation.