The 5-axis machining centres have been designated FP, suited for high throughput production environments and FT, for a cost-effective machine, aimed at the sub-contractor market. The FP 2000 and FP 4000, include the provision of rapid pallet changers. While the FT 2000 and FT 4000 machining centres, feature easy to access, workpiece support tables. The 2000 models have a capacity of 630 by 630 by 830 mm, while the 4000 models have a capacity of 800 by 800 by 1,000 mm Three different spindle configurations are available. A Power Cutting Universal spindle, PCU 63, for high-performance cutting, a Speed Cutting Unit, SCU 63, and a Speed Cutting Tilt spindle, SCT 63, for speed cutting with a fork head. The two swivel-head units offer numerous advantages for the complete machining of cubic parts, while the fork head is suited to machining contoured surfaces of any kind, making it a good entry-machine for 5-axis simultaneous machining. Each machining centre is equipped with a standard tool magazine that can be extended to more than 400 storage places, even oversize or extra long tools are able to be accommodated.