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Fastems software domain can plan, control and monitor


Fastems has added a domain called Work Cell Operations (WCO) to its Manufacturing Management Software (MMS). WCO makes it possible to include all manual production tasks, work cells and stand-alone machines in the ...

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Walter releases latest grooving and parting-off tools


Walter GB has released its Cut DX18 double-edged grooving and parting-off system that, with novel lateral clamping, claims to elevate performance standards, especially on Swiss-type automatic lathes and multi-spindle ...

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Latest reaming, drilling and tapping fluids from Rocol


With the arrival of the Tri-Logic series, Rocol has enhanced its RTD (reaming, tapping and drilling) range of cutting-fluid technologies. Working in co-operation with its customer base across all sectors, Rocol has paid ...

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Mapal introduces latest drills for steel


Following on from the success of the Tritan-Drill Steel, Mapal has developed drills that provide even greater benefits to those seeking cost-effective hole-making solutions for steel workpieces.