Developed to address the market need for a truly low-cost, ultra-practical fibre laser cutting machine, LaserONE is designed, manufactured, sold and serviced by LVD. Engineered and tested by LVD Company in Belgium to function as a reliable and efficient machine, LaserONE cuts a variety of materials and thicknesses with the flexibility of fibre laser, has low operating and maintenance costs, and provides a quick return on investment.

The machine features a Precitec cutting head with NC-focus, automatic focal adjustment and crash protection, Raycus laser source, Siemens control, servo motors and drives.

The YSD LaserONE is equipped with an automatic pallet changer for fast interchanging of the shuttle tables in a cycle time of approximately 30 seconds. An optional Load-Assist automation system offers easy loading/unloading.

China-headquartered YSD is an established brand owned and used by one of LVD’s joint venture companies. The YSD brand was founded in 1958 and is recognised for providing good value by balancing machine functionality and price point.