First released into the UK market this summer, betterbrass is a next generation special alloy brass wire from bedra (Berkenhoff) Germany.

Erodex UK said the innovative alloy and casting technology, along with a specially developed annealing process, bedra engineers created a brass wire electrode comprised of a completely new alloy that is plug-and-play on all machine types.

The company added that the new product delivers performance never before seen in a traditional brass wire, with up to 10% faster cutting speeds reported.

“Since its launch earlier in the summer, the new betterbrass wire range has received a positive response from customer trials, meaning that we can now provide EDM subcontractors with a cost-effective step up from standard brass wire,” said Josh Bye, sales engineer at Erodex UK.

“As UK industry starts to recover from the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, we were keen to be able to introduce a new, cost-effective wire to the market that also enables increased performance. Users will save money by using the wire, as any increase in wire speed ultimately means less wire usage,” added Bye.

Erodex UK are one of the market leaders in the provision of EDM wire, wear parts and other EDM consumables and in addition to their vast experience within the EDM industry, this is also due to their strong working relationship with bedra (Berkenhoff) Germany.

Luke Hobbs, director of HLP Engineering Solutions, said: "We found that betterbrass is excellent on threading and for the small increase in the cost of the wire, offers decent speed improvement of around 10-12% over standard brass wire using the same settings. When the job dictates, we will certainly use this wire again."