The high-performance milling line generates superior metal removal rates on a complete range of materials when conducting face, shoulder, Z-axis and contour plunging, as well as 100% radial engagement slotting. This operational diversity is a credit to coarse, medium or fine pitch insert densities that correspond with a new pocket seat design that enhances stability and rigidity during roughing applications.

Widia has developed three insert geometries to support this performance. The ALP geometry has been developed as the first-choice grade and geometry for the machining of non-ferrous materials and this is complemented by the ML inserts for the semi-finish and finish machining of stainless steel. However, to extend the capabilities of the VSM 890-12 to a wider audience, Widia has now introduced the MM insert designation. This new grade is a general-purpose insert that is perfect for material types from steel and stainless to iron, super-alloys and hard materials. The ability to cater to this wide range of materials is a credit to the unique insert geometry, substrate and innovative new coating that have all been developed by Widia.

The new VSM890 series is available with a 32 mm diameter Weldon end-mill configuration, whilst the shell-mill tool bodies are available in diameters from 40 up to 250 mm, with a cartridge face-mill providing a 315 mm diameter. The most impressive feature of the WSM890 is its true 90° cutting for wall and step milling. With an integrated wiper facet and super positive rake design on the inserts, the VSM890 generates exceptional surface finishes and an efficient and smooth cutting action for low-powered machines.