Whatever type of plate processing needs to be done, the V310 can do it all. Without limitations, fully automated and even unmanned. With the V310, any product can be made into practically any shape. For example, milling small or large slotted holes where cutting is not an option, or a variety of shapes with a range of milling depths. All this makes the V310 the most complete plate processing machine.

Next-level plate processing

The V310 is more than just an all-round plate processing machine. For example, by performing all steps of the production process at one single station, the production process is simplified, the number of logistics operations is reduced and a lot of money is saved. Add to that the many innovative features of the V310 and you may easily talk of the next level in plate processing.

Unmanned production

When it comes to shifting expectations, one of the V310's most striking features is probably the ability of extended unmanned running. A dashboard shows the operator when he needs to be at the machine for manual intervention. When the operator doesn't need to be at the machine, he can work in other areas in the workshop. In other words: adding value where it is needed most at specific moments.

Optimization of the entire production process

Multiprocessing, increased operator interaction and lots of built-in intelligence. That, and many more new features and benefits of the V310, will help optimizing the entire production process and reach for maximum flexibility and efficiency.