The HSM 600 ProdMod and HSM 800 ProdMod are both 3-axis versions of the the ProdMod series of machines launched by Mikron in 2004 – and are aimed at precision manufacturers operating in the aerospace, medical, motor sport, general precision engineering sectors etc. The machines, similar to their high-speed 5-axis ProdMod counterparts, are production oriented machines and are equipped with features that deliver 24/7, high-speed and reliable performance. To ensure that users can benefit from unattended and lights-out operations – both machines are equipped with workpiece palletisation systems. These systems comprise four pallets (800 x 600 mm) - each with a load capacity of 800 kg. To further ensure that machining is both uninterrupted and productive, both ProdMod machines have high-capacity tool changers, with up to 220-positions, and a tool change time of 5 seconds. ProdMod machines are equipped as standard with a continuous rinsing system for the entire work area and the spindle nose – leaving both chip-free. Both ProdMod machines can be equipped with the latest spindle technology from Steptec and can be supplied with either a HSK-A63 (22 kW/24,000 rpm) or a HSK-A50 (32 kW/36,000 rpm) spindle. The machines have fast rapid rates – 40 m/min and 1.7 G acceleration/deceleration. As with all new Mikron milling machines, the two ProdMods are equipped with Mikron SMART technology that helps users both optimise and customise the milling process – depending on individual requirements, machining criteria and parameters etc.