The Strippit PX 1530-L can laser cut intricate shapes and process materials up to 10 mm, efficiently punch holes up to 6.35 mm, produce forms and bends up to 90 mm in length and up to 75 mm high. The Strippit V thick-turret model features a versatile 48-station turret, while the Strippit V thin-turret configuration has a 40-station turret. Both 30-ton machines are equipped with four programmable 88.9 mm indexable stations and are designed to handle high tonnage applications.

Strippit PL includes features that deliver high productivity with uninterrupted operation.

  • The machine can process a 3,048 by 1,524 mm workpiece without repositioning.
  • A large 406 by 1,524 mm work chute evacuates laser cut parts.
  • A rack and pinion drive system eliminates backlash and provides accurate positioning.
  • Automation adds next-level productivity. LVD offers MOVit, a comprehensive range of automation systems, including TAS (Tower Automation System) and WAS (Warehouse Automation System) options providing highly configurable tower storage solutions. Also available in the MOVit range is the Compact Tower (CT-P) for loading, unloading and storing raw materials, skeletons and finished parts.