Highly accurate and semi-permanent shrink-fitting of carbide and high speed steel cutting tool shank to toolholder can now be fully automated into a single 30 sec cycle on the latest LMT Bilz ThermoGrip® induction shrinking units. By maintaining a concentricity of 0.003 mm, the mating of the toolshank to holder can provide a balanced pre-set unit ideal for high speed machining cycles. The ISG-WK series of bench top and self-contained units use an inductive heating coil with a high energy field to locally heat the toolholder in order to expand the inner diameter and accept the toolshank. A fully integrated flood cooling system is then used to quench the tool assembly. The complete operation is performed in a single cycle avoiding risk of injury associated with handling a heated tool unit. The process-controlled 10 kW, high frequency generator has the capacity for tools between 3 and 50 mm diameter by up to 450 mm long and presetting of the tool assembly can be carried out through the use of a measuring adaptor that is inserted with the toolholder. Operation is via menu assist with information shown in the graphics display of the dialogue-based control. An ejection device is available for removing any broken tools from their holder and a special shielding disc protects the tool from the strong magnetic field between the heating coil and the tool shank.