The LockerBoss system is a revolutionary new independent machine shop solution for storing and controlling tools, safety equipment, gauges and any other valuable shop floor consumables. Manufactured in the UK and complimented by UK sales, support and software, this new issue and return system is of modular construction with anything from 15 to 99 doors. Completely modular, the LockerBoss is configurable and scalable with six individual units of varying sizes that can be combined to deliver a storage solution to meet any customers’ needs. Far more than a storage unit, the LockerBoss integrates with other Toolvend software and point of use devices utilising a common Toolvend authorisation card. This delivers management audit reports that can specify operator, cost and production centre reports to provide control over valuable items. Product quality is a given with a robust and proven hinge design and an automotive standard locking system mechanism that combines with a bank industry standard keypad selector. This rigid and solid build quality delivers confidence to the end user that equipment of all shapes and sizes can be stored safely and securely. The LockerBoss is also available with an option of internal charging stations to conveniently power cordless power tools, laptops and mobile phones and additional electrical equipment. The LockerBoss is constructed from options of six individual units. The S1 to S6 units all have varying numbers of doors and storage compartments to meet the precise requirements of the shop floor. The S1 and S2 units comprise 6 doors each with the S1 consisting spaces 280 mm high, 250 mm wide and 500 mm deep whilst the S2 has six doors at 280 mm, 500 mm and 500 mm, respectively. The S3 and S4 units each house three doors with a height and depth of 560 mm and 500 mm with a 250 mm width on the S3 and 500 mm width on the S4 unit. The two door options for holding larger volumes are the S5 and S6. With a height and depth of 850 mm and 500 mm respectively, the S5 has a width of 300 mm whilst the larger S6 has a width of 600 mm for considerably larger goods. Already installed in shopfloors throughout the UK, the proven LockerBoss issue and return system is guaranteed to deliver control and stability to any storage situation.