PEPS SolidCut Version 6 CADCAM includes SolidCut CAMFlow Director, a significant new core component and the foundation for next-generation PEPS. First releases will see automated feature-based machining of hole sets in conjunction with 3D Surface Machining. This will be followed with new advanced technology applications for Mill, Turn, Wire EDM and Fabrication. CAMFlow is centred around interactive and clear flowcharting tools that can be used in key areas of the new CAM system functionality. Best practice/preferred methodology can be configured and stored in the system. CAMFlow is also used to automatically find machineable features of model data and apply automated pre-configured machining to them. Features can also be defined within SolidCut itself. SolidCut Design – integrated component and fixture solid modelling - has also benefited from new user-interface options providing improved and intuitive 3D geometry capability.