Schunk Intec is now offering the new 6-Jaw Power Chuck ROTA NCR as a sophisticated solution to the problem of clamping of thin-walled workpieces and other components that can easily deform. The deformation of sensitive workpieces can be substantially reduced due to the 6 contact points of the ROTA NCR. It delivers considerably improved concentricity that in turn allows precise machining. The jaws are in opposed pairs and this guarantees that centring pre-machined and noncircular components can be achieved with optimum accuracy. The ROTA NCR is offered as a standard version which is available in 165, 200, 250, 315, 400, 500, 630, 800 and 1000mm sizes. Alternatively the ROTA NCR chuck can be ordered with centrifugal force compensation. For actuation of the chuck, a standard clamping cylinder is employed. The Power Chuck ROTA NCR is equipped with a central chuck piston that incorporates three pendulum bodies that are supported by the chuck and aligned 120° to each other. Every pendulum body is connected with two base jaws resulting in a workpiece that centres between six contact points that can then be adjusted in pairs. The clamping forces are aligned with the chuck centre allowing pre-machined or asymmetric components to be centred without distortion of the workpiece. In tests, Schunk compared the values of roundness during machining on a conventional 3-Jaw chuck with those of a ROTA NCR chuck. Under the same testing conditions, the achieved roundness after machining with a 6-Jaw-Chuck was approximately eight to nine times more dimensionally accurate and round (reduced lobing effect) compared to the equivalent 3-Jaw chuck. For certain applications such as finish machining or clamping of pre-turned workpieces, the pendulum bodies of the ROTA NCR can be fixed with a clamping screw into the centre position. In this configuration a simultaneous concentric movement of all six chuck-jaws is assured. This way the workpiece is clamped concentrically without any compensation function.