The Kontec MTC multi-clamp vice unit reduces the need for numerous vices providing the end user with reduced costs, set-ups and improved productivity. With only a few modifications, the Kontec MTC can be changed from a centric vice to a vice with a fixed jaw or even to a double clamping vice. This flexibility means a tremendous reduction of initial costs compared to the price of specialized clamping vices. The fixed-base jaw can be equipped with top jaws from the extensive Schunk jaw program allowing the MTC jaw strokes to achieve a 40 to 70 mm range. The MTC unit is equipped with a mounting groove as well as bores for connection to the machine table. Using a torque wrench, the spindle can be adjusted and achieves clamping forces from 15 to 25kN. The MTC is available in three sizes with a jaw width of 60, 80 or 100 mm and its chip-repelling contour and robust functional components keep maintenance to a minimum and provide long product life. The MTC vice can work hand-in-hand with the Schunk Unilock Quick-Change-Pallet System.