The EVO Heavy Duty, which is equipped with innovative hydraulic compact drives, takes over tasks that previously required press brakes and also performs them much more precisely. For flexible use, Schröder has equipped the machine with state-of-the-art control software - including the option of offline programming - to maximize machine availability and productivity.

With the EVO Heavy Duty, the Schröder Group sets new standards in industrial folding and combines highest precision with the greatest possible folding performance. Compared to press braking, swivel folding increases productivity due to the easier handling of the workpieces and allows for greater accuracies. Innovative hydraulic compact drives enable a clamping force of 200 t.

The main drive has an output of 37 kW. The clamping and folding beam drives on both sides ensure extremely fast closing of the clamping beam and swivelling of the folding beam. The clamping beam stroke of 500 mm offers plenty of space for workpieces. 16mm thick sheet steel can be formed up to a bending angle of 180°, which means that pre-bent sheets can also be closed.

The EVO Heavy Duty is operated with the POS2000 Professional or optional POS3000 Professional control. The folding programs of the ergonomic and user-friendly machine can also be prepared offline, i.e. away from and without loading the machine, in the SCHRÖDER Unfold CAD/CAM solution.

"We are pleased to be able to offer this extremely robust machine with an optimum flow of forces during bending. It pushes previously valid limits and achieves a completely new precision in the processing of thick sheets. The advantages of ergonomic, precisely controlled folding are now available in an area that previously had to work with presses“, explains Guido Blissenbach, head of design at Hans Schröder Maschinenbau.

EVO Heavy Duty is an economical and reliable folding machine that now offers sheet metal processing companies the added flexibility, speed, dimensional accuracy and repeatability in production associated with our folding technology, even with heavy sheets.“