The Duro-A RC’s steel body has a compact, lightweight design, with an overall height that is reduced by 14%. Weight has also been reduced against the previous generation chuck by 17%. These two factors provide additional machining clearance and energy savings, respectively.

Applications for the power chuck extend from universal turning machines, to turn-mill centres and vertical lathes. It is possible to machine diameters from 11 to 351 mm, whereby the user has a large opening available for hollow and partly-hollow clamping.

The stable construction of Duro-A RC is optimal for both high clamping accuracy and clamping forces. While the latter guarantee reliable fastening, the key-bar design enables high speeds and ensures optimum centrifugal force behaviour.

Röhm is offering its customers a three-year warranty on its latest power chuck, which has an entry price of €2,995.