The clamp is a pull-type cylinder with a piston that is automatically locked when the workpiece height is within the designated clamping range, after which the air line can be depressurised or uncoupled, for example during pallet change. For unclamping, which is monitored, only the minimum pneumatic pressure is needed.

A feature of the clamps is a pair of flow control valves that can be easily adjusted from above. They allow the speed of the sturdy swing mechanism to be reduced if the flow rate is too high or when the clamping arms are of larger mass. It also enables synchronisation or sequencing of the closure of several connected clamps. Swing angle is normally 90 degrees clockwise or counter-clockwise, although it can be 60 degrees, 45 degrees or absent (0 degrees).

If machining dry or with minimum quantity lubrication, the ingress of small particles can be prevented by the use of an additional wiper ring.