Milling steel today, drilling aluminium tomorrow; Rhenus TU 446 is suitable for manufacturers that deploy varying processes and different materials on a daily basis. The coolant is also suitable for the processing of non-ferrous metals and other materials susceptible to staining.

Daniele Kleinmann, head of product management for coolants, says: “With Rhenus TU 446 we’re demonstrating that versatility and high performance really can go hand-in-hand. Users don’t need to compromise on any feature. In addition, as the coolant has a low water hazard classification of class 1, storage and handling are a lot easier.

“With no GHS pictograms, SVHC ingredients or formaldehyde depots, Rhenus TU 446 is an optimum alternative to products based on secondary amines,” she continues. “This means there are no restrictions due to legal requirements and the product is simply a safer option.”

Suitable for titanium, steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals and cast iron, the product’s specific formulation also makes it suited to stain-prone materials such as copper and aluminium. In addition, Rhenus TU 446 minimises the risk of corrosion and discolouration, and has been successfully tested for compatibility with polyurethanes and paints.