Forklift truck manufacturers face challenges: U, I and other types of profile with various cross-sections and in many different lengths have to be processed quickly and efficiently. The Unimast CNC machine enables to process steel profiles from 1 to 8 m long and to rotate them along their longitudinal axis for drilling and milling on all four sides.

No matter how extensive the product range and variety of profiles, they can be processed on the same CNC machine.

The vertical CNC machining centre offers the highest levels of productivity, flexibility and safety, plus it is easy to program and easy to use.

With this dedicated CNC machine, forklift manufacturing companies can process, in pairs, the four or six profiles that are usually required for a complete forklift truck mast.

Technical specifications

  • X-axis: 2.200 mm
  • Y-axis: 1.000 mm
  • Z-axis: 600 mm
  • Spindle: gear box driven | 26,5/36 kW | 6.000 min-1 | 1.000 Nm
  • Tooling - Taper size: HSK100A; Number of pockets: 44#; Tool change time: 9 sec
  • Speed - Rapid traverse: 32.000 mm/min; Feed rate: 5-32.000 mm/min