Zoller’s ‘venturion’ is a new modular system for tool presetting, measurement and inspection which “sets the benchmark for the next decade,” claims Zoller UK. The distortion-free, special hardened, light metal alloy frame is one factor that ensures that within the measuring ranges of 450 - 1400 mm (vertical and diameter) and 350 - 1000 mm (horizontal), repeat accuracies are as fine as ±0.002 mm, positioning to ±0.001mm and setting accuracies of <2 micron. Only the best components underpin this: Heidenhain's ultra-precise positioning systems for both linear and rotary axes; Sony superior imaging; THK stick-slip free recirculating ball guides; Bosch pneumatics, etc., all of which bring the benefits of consistently high precision and reliability direct to the end user. The ‘venturion’ range of machines can be optimised, with features suited to individual needs. Options to the standard machine include: * Tailstock mechanism for holding reamers between centres; * The unrivalled ZOLLER induction system for heat-shrink fitting and removal of tools; * Automatic TRIBOS polygon clamping technology; * Swivelling incident light camera assembly for tool inspection at 'goods inwards' and for controlling and documenting own-manufactured tools. "Metis" software will measure and inspect tools in transmitted light, incident light, radially and axially and in any angular position; * Automatic tool identification suitable for all popular systems can include automatic height regulation for the read/write head to accommodate different height positions of the tool identification chip; and * Additional "centre height" CCD camera for contactless measuring and setting in incident light and with perfect illumination for precise measuring and setting through multi-LED light. Unique functions A unique foolproof measuring function, >elephant<, gives the user automatic identification and measurement of any standard cutting tool type at a press of a button. Zoller 'pilot 3.0' software can even be used as a tool for 'reverse engineering' because highly accurate measurement scans can be made of tools from which the Zoller produces a 3D tool drawing . Other practical possibilities include the use of the ‘Delta’ measuring program for setting reamers, using the snap gauge or oversize principle; a ‘Metis’ software module for the fully-automatic measurement and inspection of ground and spark-eroded cutting tools and 'in screen' software for contactless measuring and the setting of tools to centre height.