Plate and Cube Trunnion Rotary Systems offer multiple part positioning. Load up the trunnion with collet blocks, configure with clamping devices, or customise a window box fixture allowing 4-sided part machining to increase parts production. Plate and Cube Trunnions are made of free-machining steel for ease of milling, drilling and slotting by the customer to meet individual set up requirements. The combination of a rugged bearing spindle indexer and a permanent robust bearing pillow block assure rigid, accurate positioning. Hardinge 5C, 16C and 3J Rotary Systems are fully automatic, programmable rotary positioning devices that can be connected to a wide variety of host machines. The Cube Trunnion is available for, or with, a Hardinge 16C/3J High-Precision Rotary System and provides four 4” x 19” (101.6 x 482.6 mm) mounting surfaces. The square tubing can easily be configured for highly productive 2D work, taking advantage of the fast 300 degree-per-second speed of the indexer, with full revolution available. Plate Trunnions are available for, or with, a Hardinge 5C or 16C/3J Rotary System. They have an adjustable, multi-position centerline to accommodate various part heights. The 5C Plate Trunnion mounts using a collet-style face plate, and has a 1” x 5” x 12” (25.4 x 127.0 x 304.8 mm) two-sided mounting surface. The A2-5 Plate Trunnion bolts on the indexer’s spindle nose and has a 1” x 8” x 19” (25.4 x 203.2 x 482.6 mm) two-sided mounting surface. 5C pneumatic, fail-safe collet blocks easily mount to the plate to accept collets, expanding collets or step chucks. Plate and Cube Trunnions can be field installed to an existing Hardinge Rotary System.