The PGB 2 finger gripper has a centre bore in the gripper and can be used for installing a camera or for feeding or gripping over length workpieces. With four sizes from 64 to 125 mm, the PGB series is suitable for a broad spectrum of jobs. The center bore has a diameter ranging from 10 to 24 mm depending upon the version and the stroke ranges from 4 to 10 mm per jaw with a maximum gripping force from between 110 and 640 N. Like the PGN-plus grippers, the PGB drive consists of an oval piston that generates its force using a wedge-hook transmission. Utilising the multi-tooth guide, the base jaws are guided without play and with maximum stability and rigidity. The PGB can be attached on two sides in three screw-on directions and can be monitored both inductively and with solenoid switches. The major benefit of this system beside the hole for exceptional flexibility is the capability to use numerous optional extras and accessories from the PGN-plus and PZN-plus series. Like the PGN-plus and PZN-plus, the PGB will be compatible with the FPS and APS stroke measuring systems, the FMS force measuring system and the ABR and SBR base jaws.