The RASACUT OC fully automated sawing center drastically reduces processing costs of perforated tubes by working faster, more precisely and more cost-effectively. Up to now in order to maintain the position and tolerance of the punched parts precisely semi-automatic solutions have been used allowing only low output. Companies which are using a fully automatic saw are achieving higher yields, but additionally need a 100 per cent checking and a high rate of rejections has to be accepted. With the OC systemm, tubes are automatically singled from the bundle and transported via gripper to the saw. This automatic feeding is controlled by an optical system which automatically measures the tolerances of the individual punching, and ensures precision between the pressings and the tube end according to the set parameters. Additionally fully automatic deburring, cleaning and drying of the fixed lengths takes place. Certain parts in the random material, which exhibit unsuitable tolerances between the pressings, are rejected and removed. Additional system advantages are the ability to cut fragile thin-walled tubes. The standard RASACUT OC is suitable for tube diameters from 10 - 90 mm and fixed lengths from 30 – 3,000 mm.