The OMP60 probe is the first of a new generation of optical transmission products designed for compatibility with all current Renishaw optical receivers and next generation optical systems. It is compatible with existing OMM/MI12 and OMI receivers, enabling current MP7, MP8, MP9 and MP10 system users to benefit from some of its innovations. The OMP60 probe can also be combined with the new OMI-2 integrated receiver and interface. It is compact,t measuring just 63 mm in diameter and 76 mm lon and features a 360-degree infra-red optical transmission system with a range of up to 6 mallowing probe operation in any spindle orientation. The result is simplified system installation and set-up on machine tools, making the OMP60 suitable for retrofitting to machines without existing probing. At typical levels of probe use, a battery-life in excess of 6 months can be expected, minimising machine downtime and maintenance costs. Having IPX8 standard sealing, and also highly resistant to false triggering induced by shock and vibration, the OMP60 can be used with high-speed, single touch or double touch probing routines.