A dedicated CNC machining centre where welded and cast rear axles can be machined in a single set-up. It will improve the accuracy and quality of rear axles. Production processes will be quicker and more cost-effective.

Ideal balance achieved

When developing the UNIAXLE, Unisign found the ideal balance between accuracy, speed and stability. A truck rear axle contains a great deal of functionality and is far from symmetrical around its axis. When machining parts such as rear axle ends, there is considerable imbalance.

Normally, this would mean working at low speed. But machining at a low rotation has an adverse effect on the processing time and machining conditions. The UNIAXLE ensures accurate and fast machining without compromise.

Innovation - turning head

The UNIAXLE is a unique development because it’s not the rear axle in the CNC machine that rotates, but the cutting tool that rotates around the rear axle. The turning head is an innovation from the Unisign R&D department. With this well-thought-out structural design, Unisign engineers have eliminated the imbalance in the rotating tools. Manufacturers can machine rear axles at high speed and very accurately.

Simultaneous milling and turning

In addition to the unique turning head, the UNIAXLE also has a milling spindle. All turning and milling operations on the rear axle are carried out at the same time. For example, while an axle end is being created at the left, a flange is being milled at the right. Another advantage is the rotation unit which turns the rear axle through 90 degrees so the milling spindle can also machine the rear axle banjo.

Single clamping

A traditoinal production line with multiple machines requires many different operations. The frequent lifting, moving and setup operations influence the lead time as well as the accuracy of the machining. Single clamping means greater process reliability and a significant reduction in changeover times. These are also important advantages of having all-in-one machining on the UNIAXLE CNC machine.