Aberlink's groundbreaking Project X 2D optical measuring device with automatic edge detection has been upgraded with the addition of the company’s new, high quality USB Camera. The advanced new camera builds on the merits of its predecessor with higher resolution, an increased frame rate, auto-focus ability, cross-hair functionality and the ability to synchronise the camera’s exposure to the light controller. The new camera’s advanced Telecentric’s Lens means that operational metrology is not reliant on focus, whilst a 19 in flat screen, high-resolution monitor guarantees that all of the unit’s displayed images and graphics are crisp and clear. Further improving speed of operation, a fast digital magnification facility, negates the need to changes lenses. Project X's unique approach allows x,y and rotational positions to be plotted with extreme levels of accuracy. Although the robust unit boasts a large measuring capacity of 400 x 300 mm with 125 mm of motorised z-axis focus, it occupies a relatively small foot-print. It retails for the same price as a conventional profile projector yet delivers considerably improved functionality and accuracy.