“We have packed all the Nagel know-how into this small system so that in the future we can offer our precision as world market-leader in the lower budget range as well," explains Michael Nagel, who is responsible for the ECOHO-NE series, amongst others.

The innovation of the single-spindle honing machine lies in its built-in robot cell. It performs many other functions in addition to workpiece handling. For example, it automatically changes the machine's work tools as they become worn out, if a replacement is available in the designated tool magazine. It also automatically aligns the newly exchanged tools, thereby avoiding the need for long downtime while manual alignment takes place.

On workpiece changing, Nagel adds: “If it recognises a workpiece pallet with new material, the machine is set up automatically. This means fixtures, tools, measuring equipment and much more are all changed fully automatically.”

As to measuring equipment, the robotic cell can be equipped with the required auxiliary stations, if desired. Automatic error correction and the evaluation of measurement data (SPC) are also feasible. Whether for pre-testing, re-measuring, brushing or oil-free parts, everything can be individually configured. The robot takes over the handling of the parts. All these functions can be integrated at low cost.