The company says that the performance specification is unmatched by any previous CMM of this class through features that include an advanced real-time thermal compensation system that makes accurate measurement possible in environments with varying temperature.

Unlike earlier generation CMMs, a controlled environment is unnecessary and the CRYSTA-Apex V Series maintains high accuracy over the temperature range 16-26°C to allow automation of in-line and line-side measurements within the manufacturing process, significantly reducing measurement times and streamlining the workflow.

An active scanning feature enables high speed measurement by tolerating discrepancies between design values and actual workpiece dimensions while maintaining the advantages of 3D optimal-path scanning. The intricacies of some workpieces, such as turbine blades and impellers, causes their accuracy to vary or makes them more susceptible to misalignment, causing measurement to be difficult, but the V Series enables smooth measurement of this type of complex workpiece.

Higher maximum drive speed and acceleration of around 20% and 40% respectively, compared with conventional CNC CMMs, enables the V Series to operate substantially faster, resulting in about 100 mm more traverse distance one second after starting movement. This faster movement combined with typically 60% higher measuring speed cuts total inspection time significantly and the advantage increases with the number of features measured on a part.

The V Series also features Mitutoyo’s Quick Launch function that enables simple and intuitive operation for easy part-program execution, including via barcodes and QR codes, making operation effortless for anyone.

Mitutoyo offers a wide choice of touch-trigger, scanning and non-contact probes to enable the CRYSTA-Apex V Series to assess practically any component surface. An extensive choice of application software is available for automatically generating part programs to efficiently perform measurement and evaluation of simple or complex components including gears and aerofoils.