Bielomatik has refined the design of its 2 channel MQL (minimal quantity lubrication) system with the introduction of a new quick valve that controls precisely the temperature of the oil arriving at the cutting point. By heating the oil to a constant, known temperature, Bielomatik has removed one of the 'process variables', making the whole process more robust. The Bielomatik 2-channel system delivers pressurised oil and proportionally controlled air separately to a Bielomatik rotary transmission unit. A specially designed 'quick valve' mounted to the rotary transmission controls the exact amount of lubricant required. In the new development, this quick valve is equipped with heaters and feedback sensors for accurately controlling the oil temperature. By maintaining a stable temperature there is an improvement in cutting performance as well as an up-grading in all the many benefits associated with MQL machining operations. A feature of the Bielomatik MQL 2-channel system is that air and oil remain separate streams until immediately prior to discharge to the cutting tip where they mix to produce a precisely controlled fine oil/air mix.