The machines’ compact size allows them to be installed in facilities such as dental laboratories and other environments where floor space is at a premium. The machine's capacity is 160, 160, 200 mm (X, Y, Z) and B-axis +30/-120 degrees with C-axis of 360 degrees.

The machines deliver excellent part surface finishes, as fine as Ra 0.05µm, thanks to linear motor technology (on the machines’ main axes) and direct-drive motors (on the 5-axis machines’ B and C axes). A high speed 50,000 rpm (HSK E32) Step-Tec spindle also ensures fast processing speeds as well as enabling precise part details and super fine surface finishes to be achieved - a 20,000 rpm high torque spindle option is also available as an option.

MILL S 200 machines can be supplied with high productivity APC systems (12/14/20 magazines) and either System 3R or Erowa interfaces that enable the machines to run unattended.

The machines also feature the last Heidenhain Control iTNC 640 and are equipped with a range of advanced SMART technology modules that improve process efficiency, precision and reliability. The SMART machine modules automatically monitor spindle vibration, calibrate machine geometry and can transmit process status messages to the operator’s mobile phone via RNS (Remote Notification System).

The Mikron MILL S 200 machines have a polymer concrete base, linear (recirculating) roller guides (35 mm) on the machines’ X, Y and Z axes, and rigid linear direct drives. All the machines’ direct drives (X, Y and Z) for 3-axis models and X, Y, Z, B and C axes for 5-axis models are water-cooled to ensure thermal stability.

For increased flexibility, the machines are equipped with a 30-, 60- or 150-position ATC (disk magazine) that features a reliable and quick double-gripper change system and a C-T-C tool changeover time of four seconds.

To increase the application potential of the machines, high efficiency dust extraction systems (i.e. when machining graphite) can be specified.